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Silver Lining Moments with Kerry

Jul 28, 2019

A SLM conversation with J. Kim Wright

Silver Lining Moments:

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What do you when you find yourself in a profession that sucks the life out of you? Well, when you get to the point where you say “enough”, you have two choices – leave the profession or change it? My guest, J. Kim Wright decided to change it; and, by doing so, she has made a positive impact - worldwide, a thousand times over.

Earlier in her legal career, Kim found the legal system to be set-up in a way that flames conflict and destroys relationships. In law school, lawyers are taught to (in fact, they have a duty to) zealously represent their clients. Put this zealous representation in an adversarial system, the focus is on the fight, lawsuits are referred to as battles, and negotiations seen as a way to one-up the other side. Now, when those, who became lawyers thinking they were going to help others or society, are thrown into this system, they don’t quite fit in. Something has got to give. Often, it is the soul and health of those lawyers. Even though they may feel alone, there are many of “those” lawyers.

And, this is not unique to lawyers. This situation is familiar to anyone who has ever looked up during the work day wondering:  Is this what it is all about?  What am I doing in this career? Is this me – is this what I am all about?

Kim asked herself those questions. In answering them, she first worked on herself and a personal transformation. She became very clear with her goals and vision for herself as a person, as a lawyer, and for the legal system. This clarity transformed into a sense of purpose and quest for societal and systems transformation.

This SLM episode is for anyone who has ever felt disillusioned with their profession, their organization, or any established system – political, governmental, economical, etc., both lawyers and non-lawyers. From Kim’s quest for the transformation of the legal system, we learn some steps for change-making:

  • Have a clear vision for what you want and the change you want to realize
  • Write your vision and mission and include measurable goals with deadlines
  • Seek out others who are already doing what you envision
  • Connect with others
  • Build community
  • Collaborate

Kim started with a very clear vision that included:

Lawyers are now recognized for our true purpose: peacemaking, problem-solving, and healing the wounds of the community. We are changemakers in society. Trials are rare and civil. Collaboration, prevention, and transformation are the lawyers’ stock in trade. We create sustainable agreements and resolutions.

Lawmakers serve, conscious of all the stakeholders, and of our interconnectedness with Nature and each other. They work on common goals and shared values to benefit everyone.

See Kim’s full Vision, Mission, and Values statement on her website at:

She interviewed others who were doing what she envisioned. They became the basis for her books, Lawyers as Peacemakers and Lawyers as Changemakers. She has gone on to become a leader in the integrative law movement, writer, speaker, systems change maker, servant leader, and author. She works with governments and communities to create harmony building policies and practices; she trains lawyers and business leaders, and she coaches individual lawyers. She built a world-community of like-minded lawyers who share a similar vision and purpose. Together, they are making positive impact in their communities and our world.

From my conversation with J. Kim Wright, I discover how:


Thank you for listening to Silver Lining Moments.

By J. Kim Wright sharing and by you listening, together we are:

expanding love and light,

one person at a time,

one story at a time,

one Silver Lining Moment at a time.