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Silver Lining Moments with Kerry

Jan 10, 2022

A moment of LOVE is lined by KINDNESS

In this episode, I am doing something a little different. I am sharing a loving kindness meditation that I did with friends from around the world to expand love and kindness throughout the world.

For World Kindness Day in November of 2021, I invited 9 friends from the around world to join me in Zoom for a Loving Kindness Mediation. With this meditation, we are filling ourselves with love and kindness and extending love and kindness to the world.

Join in this meditation and feel the love and kindness fill your heart  and soul. When you are loved, how do you feel?  When you love someone else, how do you feel? Sit with these feelings. When you are filled with love and kindness, imagine your love and kindness expanding to others.  Now, imagine people all over the world sitting doing this meditation and sending love and kindness into the world.  See your love and kindness meet with theirs.  From this place, our collective humanity is pretty cool, isn't it?!

You can also check out this guided meditation on YouTube at Beautiful photos of nature accompany the YouTube version. A big heartfelt thank you to Donna Harmony Jones for providing the photographs for this meditation. She captures the beauty in nature that foster a loving and kind energy for this mediation. To see more of Donna's photographs, check out Donna's website here:

I would love it if you let me know what you think and feel about this meditation. I have ideas for more meditations with Silver Lining Moments and would love to hear what you think.  You can email me at:

During today, may you be happy and healthy; may you be free from suffering, may you be free from negativity, drama and conflict.

During today, may you be immersed in peace, prosperity, positive energy, love and kindness.

During today, you you give and receive genuine acts of love and kindness.

With this meditation, I realized how we expand love and light,

one person at a time

one meditation at a time

one Silver Lining Moment at a time.