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Silver Lining Moments with Kerry

Jul 18, 2022

A SLM conversaion with eLayne Kelley - artist, author, tribe builder

A sharing of wisdom gained from life's journeys and a path to profound life changes made possible when we wake up to punishing thoughts

After my conversation with eLayne Kelley, I thought she, her vision for life, and her mission in life are gifts for humanity. As I thought this, I imagined hearing her acknowledging this with a soft boldness and adding something like “well, yes; each of us, you, me, everyone listening to this SLM podcast, each and every person everywhere -- we all are a gift to humanity, in our own soulful way; and in our soulfulness is where together, we are humanity.”

At the beginning of our conversation, eLayne Kelley casually refers to that time when she accidentally drove off a 20-foot cliff, as if it was an everyday experience, we all have. As she continued, it became clear that but for a series of serendipitous factors, she would have died that night. Luckily and thankfully, she didn’t. This was pivotal moment for her that shaped her life’s journey, vision, and mission.

After that pivotal “driving off a 20-foot cliff” moment, eLayne began a spiritual and intellectual quest crisscrossing the United States in search of answers to some of life’s biggest questions:

“Who am I”

“What happens after death”

“What is my life’s purpose”

In our conversation, we discussed:

  • Serendipitous moments and factors that save and shape our lives
  • Her cross-country journey – a physical and spiritual journey – and the wisdom that followed
  • Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, Jungian dream work, and ancient symbols
  • Having a daily meditation practice
  • The re-awakening of her soul
  • The difference between art for process and art for product
  • The many “hats” she has worn and wears: artist, art gallery owner, author, and a Disaster Mental Health Coordinator
  • Her personal struggle over, and growth from, her son’s addiction journey
  • How we are wired with a negative bias
  • Awakening to our punishing thoughts and letting go
  • Learning that thinking that good things could happen is just as easy as thinking that bad things could happen
  • Choosing good thoughts
  • Her answers to those big questions and how she got her answers
  • Her mission and vision for life
  • Roadmap to Ease - The Journey to Your Awakened Life, her first teaching memoir, (to be released Nov. 1, 2022), in which she shares her wisdom, tools and a roadmap for others to illuminate their soul's path to ease and awakening

eLayne Kelly now resides on the Guld Coast of Florida where, as she describes, “the gulf breezes, big water, and endless sky fuel the youth of [her] wisdom years”. 

In our conversation, we didn’t talk directly about politics or societal issues or about division and conflict. However, after our conversation, I kept coming back to these thoughts:

We are different. When we share our differences, there is a unifying thread – our shared soul of humanity. There are many times in this conversation, where I caught myself shaking my head with understanding and thinking “I didn’t have that experience, but I had times where I felt like this…. I get this; I get you.”

Listen to this conversation with eLayne Kelle and experience:

a moment of SHARING lined by UNITY

Thank you to eLayne and to you, listeners. By eLayne sharing and by you listening, together, we are -

expanding love and light,

One person at a time

One story at a time

One Silver Lining Moment at a time.

Music for the SLM podcast: Scandinavianz - Wonderland (instrumental) by ScandinavianzCreative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Music promoted by Audio Library