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Silver Lining Moments with Kerry

Dec 29, 2021

A moment of LOSS is lined by EMPOWERMENT

“How can she be so happy and positive after all she’s been through?” 

This is what Dr. Alisa Whyte’s mom asked the nurse when Alisa was lying in a hospital bed having lost life-threatening amounts of blood and facing the loss of her uterus.

These are just some of the traumatic losses she experienced.

  • LOSS: In her childhood, domestic violence by her father damaged tissues in her brain. While recovered now, for a year she experienced the loss of her memory, her ability to speak, and her ability to move freely by herself .
  • LOSS: As an adult, she experienced infertility and miscarriages. She lost her unborn babies. Then, with losing her uterus this past year, she lost the possibility of ever giving birth to her own children.
  • LOSS: She lost her marriage to divorce.

At one point, she explained that “my soul was so tired”  and how she felt  frustrated with having done everything “they”  said to do to be a happy and successful adult yet feeling stuck in loss.

This conversation is not about being stuck in loss.  Alisa did not stay stuck.


Dr. Alisa Whyte shares her own experiences of trauma and loss and her healing through these losses.  She has been in the trenches of grief and anger and she shares her path to peace and joy.  With tools grounded in self-awareness and gratitude, she deals with the tremendous life challenges that we all face from time to time while still living with purpose and with peace.

She now empowers others to do the same and to live with fulfillment, purpose, and joy.* Ambassador , Prof. Dr. Alisa  Whyte is the dynamic, trailblazing Founder, President, and CEO of Fulfillment Empowerment Network, the Vice President of Save the Girl Child Advocacy, Africa. and the Accreditation Director for Europe, M.E.N.A and Asia  at International Internship University (IIU).  Alisa is a Transformational Leadership and Master Mindset Coach, an International Speaker and trainer, certified by the John Maxwell Team. Additionally, Alisa is an ambassador of peace for humanity and a global professor of humanities, leadership, and management at International Internship university.

She has received many awards for the positive impact she is making around the world including: the global woman of choice award for peak performance in business and leadership, businesswoman of the year 2021, and A RED BLAZER OF EXCELLENCE AND ACHIEVEMENT Global Award.  She is a #1 International Best-Selling author for her collaborative work with the book I AM - How to Release the Shame of Narcissistic Abuse & Transform Financial Poverty to Wealth Beyond Numbers.


  • The losses she has endured
  • Losing babies through miscarriages
  • How one of the most common questions asked at any and every networking function or event strikes daggers of pain into the heart of a woman who has miscarried and never had children
  • How the “just get over it” culture is not healing, keeps you stuck in pain, and robs you of the joys of life
  • Her passion about compassionate servant leadership and helping individuals live authentically in their purpose
  • Her personal mission to help individuals overcome self-limiting beliefs, discover their purpose, improve their relationships, and lead a life of fulfillment
  • Asking ourselves “how do I want to make the world a better place?”
  • Not letting the roles we play or the titles we have define who we are
  • How each of us is a gift for the world
  • Her work with Save the Girl-Child Advocacy and other special projects
  • the personal development “work” she has done on her path of healing and fulfillment including P3 (Purpose Passion Peace) retreats, which is where we met
  • Her Silver Lining Moment from the “angels” of P3 that turned her heart from hopeless to hopeful, which remains a part of her today.

During our conversation, I felt connected. In her losses, I felt loss. In her healing, I felt healing.  I deeply understood that, although going through a loss can feel extremely lonely, we are not alone. And, as she experienced her message of self-awareness, authenticity, gratitude, and resilience, I was empowered on my own path of purpose and fulfillment.  From my conversation with Dr. Alisa Whyte, I discover how:

A moment of LOSS is lined by EMPOWERMENT.

 Thank you to Alisa and to you, listeners. By Alisa sharing and by you listening, together,

We are expanding love and light,

One person at a time

One story at a time

One Silver Lining Moment at a time.

*To learn more or to connect with Dr. Alisa Whyte, connect with her at any of these sites.  Let her know you heard her on Silver Lining Moments podcast.

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