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Silver Lining Moments with Kerry

Feb 2, 2019

Silver Lining Moments: a space for conversations, thoughts, and ideas that expand love and light

Thanecha Anderson's life was filled with uncertainty. Growing up, Thanecha was homeless living in homeless shelters, a milk truck, and a school bus until her family moved into the projects. While still a child, she became the caretaker of her father as he was battling cancer. Yet, she shines.

In 2015, she quit her day job to “make it” as a singer and to serve others as a human advocate. While there may be uncertainty in how she will “make it”, Thanecha is confident that she will! This confidence flows from her clarity and knowing that she is living in integrity with her dreams, her purpose, and her values.  As she shares her experiences and lessons learned, we realize that when we live through uncertainty, we gain confidence and as we gain confidence, we accept uncertainty. And, we see how a moment of uncertainty is lined by confidence.

This is Part 1 of a 2-Part episode.  In Part 2, Thanecha gives us an update on her singing career and additional insights about life.

Expanding love and light,

One person at a a time,

One story at a time,

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