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Silver Lining Moments with Kerry

Sep 4, 2022


Silver Lining Moments are every where, in each moment, even in a moment of psoriasis (chronic condition) & frustration! In this SLM short, I talk about how a psoriasis flare-up has me feeling frustrated and angry filled with resentment and fear!

These feelings may start with the psoriasis, but once I feel them, they spread to other areas of my life. Once the frustration feelings take hold, they create a filter through which I see everything that casts a shadow over all aspects of my life.

The more I focus on my frustration, the more frustrated I feel about more things.

This, albiet in inverse, is the core of Silver Lining Moments.

The more we focus on something, the more it expands, grows, intensifies. Silver Lining Moments ia about focusing on the good so that the good expands. So, let’s focus on the good.

Let's be real. It’s hard to focus on the good, when I am feeling frustrated and stuck. Silver Lining Moments is NOT about pretending to the see the light shine when you feel you are standing under the clouds. That's make believe.

Actually seeing the light shine in that whole mind, body, heart, and soul kind of way requires something else:

Feel the feelings fully.

Acknowledge them.

Release them.

To see the SILVER LININGS in this MOMENT of psoriasis and frustration, I fully felt and acknowledged my feelings about my psoriasis and explored about why I felt them and if there were other feelings lurking beneath them. For me, I discovered that underneath the frustration were fear and resentment.

Basically, for part of this SLM Short, I vented. I let it all out.

And, I give you time to vent, rant, and let your frustrations, anger, fears, etc. out.

After doing this, I can see the SILVER LININGS in this moment.  In fact, I saw two:

First,  this moment of psoriasis and frustrative gives me an opportunity to test my process and self-care tools; to walk the talk so to speak. Realizing this reminded me of the times when my process pulled me through other dark moments. My process/self-care tools:

  1.  journaling (writing my SLMs),
  2. meditating,
  3. physical movement - exercise/dance,
  4. positive affirmations ,and
  5. support.

Just thinking of these previous times replaced some of that frustration and fear with gratitude and trust. Just as my process worked in the past, it will work now. PROCESS is a SILVER LINING MOMENT.

Second, this moment showed me how I am supported. In this past week, I had a few phone calls with different friends. Each one gave me space to vent. They did not judge me; and they did not minimize my feelings. Each one also reminded me of the light in myself, in my successes, and in the progress I have made.  At a time when frustration, anger, fear, resentment blinded me , they shone light on me for me. Their FRIENDSHIP is a SILVER LINING MOMENT.


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