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Silver Lining Moments with Kerry

Aug 21, 2020

A SLM conversation with Wijitra Tretrakul “Tra”

Silver Lining Moments: a space for conversations, thoughts, and ideas that expand love and light

Sometimes, we just need to be heard. By listening to someone, without judgment or distraction, you are telling them, very clearly and very powerfully, that they matter. And, sometimes, that is all that is needed for transformational change.

Tra is a person who after you speak with you are filled with positive energy. She uses art therapy to help people connect with their self-love and self-worth. When someone connects with these, they find their voice and speak their truth in their words and through their actions.

In this conversation, Tra and I discuss:

  • When you listen to someone without judgment, you are telling them that they are important and that they matter.
  • Letting someone know they matter is a gift of empowerment that can be a catalysis for transformation.
  • The story of a woman in a Thai prison who went from feeling not worthy speaking up to leading a Bible study group.
  • The wisdom inside each of us.
  • Sometimes people just need a nudge to discover (or re-connect with) their self-love and self-worth.
  • How one small act can start a domino effect of great change.
  • In every moment, we are empowered by, and responsible for, our choices.

My hope for you as you listen to this episode is that you are empowered by your own voice, that you feel heard, and that you know that you matter.  By simply listening to this episode, you matter to me.  Imagine how many other ways you matter, each and every day. Yes, you are amazing. Feel it. Believe it.  Own it.

As for me, from my conversation with Tra, I discover how

a moment of ART is lined by HAVING A VOICE.



Thank you for listening to Silver Lining Moments.

By Tra sharing and by you listening, together we are:

expanding love and light,

one person at a time,

one story at a time,

one Silver Lining Moment at a time.