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Silver Lining Moments with Kerry

Feb 16, 2019

Silver Lining Moments: a space for conversations, thoughts, and ideas that expand love and light 

My guests Carrie Yu and Joe Harvey are passionate, bright, and dedicated social entrepreneurs. Carrie Yu created The Bulk House to promote and empower others to live a Zero Waste Lifestyle. In this episode, she is joined by her partner, Joe Harvey. We discuss what the zero waste lifestyle is; why it is important; and how you can make a positive impact by living it. 

It is not surprising that a conversation with two entrepreneurs is filled with new business ideas.  We discussed creating standardized wine bottles for a circular economy and an Earth Friendly Business Index. What became clear is - there is space to do good, live in harmony with each other and the environment, and prosper. 

All of this started when Carrie was frustrated with her career. She wanted to do something that made a positive impact and that was in line with her values.  During her search, she came across information about the Zero Waste Lifestyle. From this search, The Bulk House was born. Listen to our conversation and discover how:  

a moment of frustration is lined by inspired action

[A note about the recording: I met Carrie and Joe in a building near the center of Beijing.  We searched for a quiet space to record our conversation.  Unfortunately, the quietest space we found still has some background noise including some loud bangs. However, as I listened to the recording, the background noise faded as I became more engaged in the conversation.]

Expanding love and light,

one person at a time,

one story at a time,

one Silver Lining Moment at a time.