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Silver Lining Moments with Kerry

Jun 30, 2020

Silver Lining Moments:

a space for conversations, thoughts, and ideas that expand love and light

Ukrainian refugee, lawyer, motorcycle adventurer, yogi, and peace builder are some labels that describe SLM guest Henry Yampolsky. Underneath (or is it within) each label is an authentic individual committed to inner healing and collective peace. I found our conversation insightful and practical. And, for a moment, even in the midst of all the uncertainty swirling around in our world, I felt grounded and calm.

In this conversation, Henry and I discuss:

  • Conflict: it is not a negative thing; it is a human thing
  • Daily meditation: from a practice to an experience to a state of being
  • Thinking about living life versus living life
  • Covid-19 and how it reminded the entire world at once about the frailty of life
  • Fear’s power over us - up to the point when we acknowledge it
  • We are so busy searching for our purpose that we overlook that our purpose is to simply live
  • Replacing “I know” with “I am open”
  • How looking for a hobby led to a motorcycle journey along the highest pass in the Himalayas to a new life path of peace building

My hope for you as you listen to this episode is that you feel peace within yourself and for your community, and the world.  As we are all facing a changing and uncertain world, together may we build peace in our homes, our neighborhoods, our cities, our  nations, our world.

As for me, from my conversation with Henry, I realize how:


Thank you for listening to Silver Lining Moments.

By Henry sharing and by you listening, together we are:

expanding love and light,

one person at a time,

one story at a time,

one Silver Lining Moment at a time.