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Silver Lining Moments with Kerry

Dec 1, 2018

A SLM conversation with Eddie Cheyfitz and Katie Eichenhauer of Believe in Dreams

In this Silver Lining Moments episode, I speak with Eddie Cheyfitz and Katie Eichenhauer of Believe in Dreams.   A Silver Lining Moment includes lessons learned.  Here are some of the lessons (Silver Lining Moments) I learned from my conversation with Eddie and Katie:

  • Good, kind, and uplifting people are all around us…perhaps even sitting at the next table over at Starbucks, which is how I met Eddie.


  • People like helping others and doing good. Eddie shared how businesses who helped fulfill a child’s dream were enriched by the experience.


  • It is okay to receive support. When we are supported, we can achieve so much!
    • In the first few years of Believe in Dreams, Katie was working as a social worker and volunteering with Believe in Dreams while having 3 young children. She acknowledged “I have a lot of support.”
    • John DiJulius III received support from family, friends and his community when he was a child and his father left his family.
    • John and his son Cal received support from family, friends, and their community which helped them heal from the death of John’s wife, Cal’s mother.


  • Believing in someone and letting them know they count empowers. Showing children that we believe in them and care about them, and giving them access to support and to opportunities for healing and hope can change their life paths.


  • The loss of a loved one can have many silver linings.


  • It can be the birth of something new like Believe in Dreams. After the death of his mother, Cal and John talked about how they could help other children who do not have the same support and opportunities they have. Their family including Eddie and Katie came together and helped build their vision into Believe in Dreams, which has helped over 100 children so far.


  • The pain we feel and the healing we experience opens our heart where compassion grows.


  • Loved ones come together. Their love is expanded.

Something to think about

Katie and Eddie shared how support from others was vital for their success and for Believe in Dreams. Yet, sometimes our culture takes great pride in doing things all by ourselves and being self-made. Does this limit our ability to reach our highest and fullest potential?  Does this way of thinking rob us of our humanity?

As you go about today

Without DOING anything more, without ADDING anything else to your to-do list, simply bring your mind and your heart awareness to:

  • There are lot of people who are doing good things and being kind. When you go shopping and you see crowds or lines, say – wow, look at all this goodness.  Imagine what good things they are doing.
  • The loss of a loved one is lined with Silver Lining Moments. When you think of a loved one who is no longer with you, feel his or her love, just sit with this love. Think of how you can expand this love in your life.
  • Ask yourself - How can I support someone today? How can I receive support from someone today?  Sometimes, it’s as simple as a smile --to someone, from someone.

To learn more about Believe in Dreams or to see how you support their mission to fulfill dreams for resilient children, see

My warmest thanks to Katie and Eddie for taking the time to speak with me and for expanding love and light in our world, one story at a time, one person a time, one Silver Lining Moment at a time.

By Katie and Eddie sharing, and by you listening, together we are expanding love and light:

One Person at a Time

One Story at a Time

One Silver Lining Moment at a Time.